Dreama Jackling | Seniors and Special Needs Pastor

Pastor Dreama Jackling HeadshotHello, my name is Dreama Jackling.  I have been a part of Vineyard Community Church since 1998.

I was born in Virginia into a family of five children, 4 boys and me. My parents were outstanding righteous people who instilled in their children the privilege of working hard, the value of family, and later,(after they rededicated their lives to Christ) the joy of serving Jesus.

I accepted Christ at 15 and was very active in my youth fellowship, church leadership, as well as a member of a gospel music group who traveled the Mid-Atlantic area for 15 years.  During this time I met and married my wonderful husband Jack.  We have two children: Joel who lives in Seattle, Washington; and Megan who lives in Norfolk, Va.

In 1981, after our son was born, Jack and I made the conscious decision to work for Christ full time. God led us to some fascinating places such as California, Mexico (mission trips), Tulsa Oklahoma and back to Virginia.  In 1998, Jack contracted a rare disease and passed away.  But God isn’t finished with me yet!

I attended Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, received a certificate in Biblical Studies from Virginia Seminary in Lynchburg; a certificate in Biblical Studies from Alleghany Bible Institute; a certificate in Biblical Studies from Vineyard Bible Institute; and a diploma from Vineyard Leadership Institute.

It is my privilege to provide pastoral care at VCC through marriage readiness classes, hospital visitation, overseeing the VINES journey group (group for physically or mentally challenged adults), VC Shepherds (for people over 55+). I also am the wedding coordinator for VCC. I perform weddings and conduct funerals.

In my spare time I enjoy crocheting, reading and baking, especially on a rainy day!

It is exciting to be a part of a team that listens to the Lord, and humbly but boldly follows His commands. I am looking forward to the next adventure our Father leads us on!

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